Sun Stand Still

photo by Magnus Rosendal

Our minister started a new series today at church based on Joshua 10 and inspired by the book Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick.  He’s challenging us all to ask God for the impossible.  To dare to ask for something that only God could do.  It’s hitting my heart pretty hard this evening.  Since our failed IVF in February I’ve been protecting my heart and trying not to think too much about our desire for more children.  I haven’t given up… but I’ve been insulating myself.  I mean his answer could be “no” and that would hurt and maybe I should just be satisfied with what I have.  All those doubts slowly creeping up on me.  Sneaking into my heart inch by inch.  Today Mike reminded me to ask for the impossible to believe that God hears all our prayers and He alone can do anything.  After all one of my best friends was told she had less than a 1% chance of ever conceiving on her own.  She had two sets of twins through IVF and then 5 years later completely without medical help ended up pregnant with a beautiful baby girl – but it didn’t happen once… she ended up pregnant again two more years down the road and gave birth to another sweet daughter in December.  K’s dream had always been to have a BIG family.  She’s done now… but God heard her prayers and her dreams and she is an incredible mommy to 6 miracle babies.  Years of heartbreak and being told not this time and not likely and God came through. 

So me – well I’m going to try to remember to pray big this week.  After all sometimes it’s in our broken heartsoreness that we find our prayers answered. 


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