WW Update and other stuff

Today was weigh in.  I was really afraid I didn’t lose any or even worse gained, but once again I managed to do better than I thought.  I was down 1.4 pounds today which puts me at 10.4 pounds total.  Not bad for four weeks. I’m hoping the sun stays out this week so I can get some walking in.  I’ve decided one of the best things about living in town this summer is going to be being able to walk most everywhere.  WeeMan and I can hoof it to the splash park, the play park, the library, the butcher shop, Wednesday morning small group (They’re going to be starting another Beth Moore study at church after school gets out) and I can also hoof it to Weight Watchers on Monday.  We’ll be saving on gas and getting some good exercise in. 

I’ve already noticed clothes fitting better, which of course is as boost to the self esteem.  I even ordered a few new things on OldNavy.com last week when they were having a good sale.  I hate hate hate that their plus size is only available online.  Anyways my goodies came today and they all fit well in spite of the fact I went one size down from normal.  Here’s what I found

I’m leaning towards doing a summer of skirts again this sumemr,  like I did a few years ago.

3 thoughts on “WW Update and other stuff

  1. Congratulations. 10 pounds is a good amount for a month. I noticed in Kohl's today that they are selling a lot of shorts this year. Yuck. I don't know if I'll ever want to wear shorts again – capris are so much more forgiving.

  2. Congrats! I'm so happy for you! Especially since you're able to keep it up with the stress of school almost ending, grades, etc. Good for you. I LOVE all the clothes you picked. Very cute and stylish! Summer's comin' 5 days! Have fun!

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