We finally were able to get ahold of hubby’s Aunt Joyce in the nursing home tonight. (She’s down in Alabama. All the rest of the family is up in Michigan) It broke my heart hearing her. She’s gone down so fast. She just kept telling Steve to give her baby boy a hug from her and talking about his pictures she has up all over her room. She also told Steve she was so happy he called. She said it made some of the loneliness go away. We can tell from her voice how weak she is and she seemed to just keep fading in and out. She also kept telling hubby to come down and see her as soon as we can. I hope she has the strength to hold on until we get down there. Timing is still up in the air. No word on shut down for hubby and no vacation time came through. We may be stuck waiting until the first week of July at this rate. We know Steve has shut down the first two weeks of July. Steve promised we call her again next week. Is it selfish that we’re praying she can hold on until we can get down there?

In Weight Watchers news I made these chicken nuggets tonight  . They were terrific. Even David liked them and the only chicken nuggets he’ll usually eat are “M’Donalds” The other bright side is they were easy and fast too. My kind of recipe. Also I have found ice cream that is only 3 points plus and I’m hooked.  It’s Breyers Chocolate carb smart.  Delish!!

Only 8 more days of school left! They can’t go by fast enough.


3 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. I know what you mean about the last few days of school- they really can't go fast enough! My kids are in school until the end of June and I am totally over making lunches!I'm glad you've been able to get in touch with your husband's Aunt. I really hope you get to visit with her soon, and that she feels well enough to enjoy your visit. Take care~ Yvonne

  2. Way to go your on your weight loss! That's fantastic!! That's great you found a good low-fat/cal recipe. It's always nice to find those rare gems. I hope y'all can get down to see y'alls Aunt.

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