Best Laid Plans

So much for our terrific weekend.  Today it came screeching to a halt.  We made it to church and Subway and then on the way to the grocery store Weeman and I had an accident.  Honestly I’m not 100% sure what happened.  We had just come through a stoplight that I had slowed way down for expecting I would be stopping and the traffic in front of us suddenly stopped so someone could turn – the other driver said the guy in front of him came to a dead stop fast.  I hit the brakes but didn’t stop until I actually hit the other car.  Hard!  It was hard enough that the airbags in my car deployed.  WeeMan and I are okay (in fact he was more concerned about the balloons in the car – the airbags – than anything else.)  I suspect tomorrow I’ll be sore and I’m burned a little from getting smacked in the chest by the airbags and my throat hurts a bit from the powder on the bags.  Of course we were both strapped in.  The other driver was okay too and his car wasn’t too bad.  It was just a little dinged on the backside.  My car doesn’t look too bad, but the officer on the scene said since it’s a 2003 it will probably be totaled b/c of how much it costs to replace the airbags.  Sigh.  Actually huge sigh.  It would have been paid off this fall and we would have had no car payments.  Wouldn’t that have been lovely.  Now if it’s totaled we’ll be paying car payments longer.  Tomorrow we’ll wait and see what the insurance guy says.  At least we’ll have the value of the car for a down payment on a used car.  Hubby has always insisted on the premium insurance policy that covers the remainder of the amount owed on a car if it is wrecked – plus the value of the car.  (I think if I’m reading our policy right)  ( Hubby could definitely be saying I told you so right now since I was always nagging him to drop the policy down so that it didn’t cost as much – he’s such a sweetie that he’s not though.)

I know we’re lucky that everyone is okay and we’re thanking God for that – but I’m still irritated by the situation.


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