Midweek Update – Rain, rain go away

It’s been raining here since Sunday night.  We’ve had some small thunderstorms too, but thankfully have not had any bad storms.  We’re all getting a little tired of all the rain and being cooped up inside.  (Mama’s also getting worried about her garden too.  Right now it looks more like a pond than a garden – waiting on the ducks to move in!)
Today in between strong storms I decided to take my grumpy bear out for some splashing.  I couldn’t take another minute of watching him gaze longingly out the back door.  Just that 10 minute break before the next storm rolled in helped lift everyone’s spirits.  Isn’t it funny how little bitties can find joy in almost anything.

There was also a midweek pick me up in my mailbox.  I had ordered this gorgeous goody last week on etsy and it arrived today.  It’s made from sea glass.  Isn’t it gorgeous?!  The etsy shop is Mackeral Sky Jewelry

This is what I found inside the box under my gorgeous pendant.

Bits and bobs of treasures – I’ve got just the place for them

She also included a photo of a lighthouse near where she finds her glass.
Seriously a pick me up on a stormy day.
Only a few more days of school left.  I’m reaching that panciky will I have everything done in time stage.  I’ll definitely be glad when it’s over though. 
As far as my weight goes I was down another 2 pounds at Monday’s weigh in.  That makes a total of 12.5.  Woohoo!!

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