Our First Week of Summer Vacay – a picture story

Well our first week of summer vacation has come and gone.  It’s been a fantastic restful week.  It amazes me to spend each day with WeeMan – he’s changed so much since last summer… and sadly I think I missed those changes as they were happening b/c I was so busy with work and everything else.  I’m enjoying each day of watching him and being with him. It amazes me that we can have a conversation now… okay sometimes it’s a little goofy or irrational but it’s still talking to each other.  We spent a lot of the week playing and just enjoying being home.  (In spite of the whole car fiasco which is still a fiasco)
We visited the park a couple of times.
WeeMan’s favorite park activity is still sliding

Although he’s thinking of taking up rope climbing

I love to watch his victory dance after a successful slide

There were naps spontaneously taken – summer heat and lots of play will do that to you!

We splashed in the bucket – he has a perfectly good wading pool – but there’s something about that old enamel bucket

There were plenty of grins

On Saturday we went to a Make a Wish foundation fund raiser at Hubby’s plant – there was more sliding
(Believe it or not Weeman is right there in front of daddy climbing up on his own… little monkey!)

Of course mommy escaped on Saturday morning for some garage saling… here are a few of my new treasures

Love this enamel pitcher

A small piece of vintage table cloth

A gorgeous old locket and a garnet and diamond tennis bracelet – the bracelet was only 10 cents and I’m actually pretty sure it’s real – garnet is my birthstone – and they look exactly like my garnet rings and the diamonds are itty bitty – if they were cz I’d think they’d be bigger.

This is another piece of jewelry – the pendant has a rhinestone? and gorgeous detail – I need to take everything to our local jewelry store and see what I found.
A rusty star
I also made it home with a box of blue ball canning jars – for $4.00 and a yummy red plaid linen table cloth
We worked in the flower beds this week too.

I added some more perennials to our memory garden

The salvia is in bloom and I played with the settings on my camera

We listened to the wind make music

Hubby put together his father’s Day gift – a Big Green Egg smoker/ grill

We built a small fire pit with blocks I bought last week – 4 for a $1 – awesome deal at a garage sale
Marshmallows were roasted and smores were eaten

Today we’re smoking some ribs on the new grill … wish I could share the smell on here

A tomato was discovered growing in the garden already
The other side of our memory garden
Week 1 of summer vacation has gotten us off to a fantastic start.  Next week holds a weight watcher’s weigh in, women’s group, and a girls trip this weekend.  (Fingers are crossed that there’ll also be some resolution to the car debacle)

4 thoughts on “Our First Week of Summer Vacay – a picture story

  1. Summer vacations are always fun. Your son is adorable. Take a lot of pictures the time goes so fast.You scored at garage sailing. That is such a pretty bracelet.I love your wind-chime.Happy gardening,Dee

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