Things are Looking up

This week got off to an excellent start – thanks to Comeca over at Shans Wife Meme.  See last week in spite of the whole car debacle was my lucky week.  I won my first blog giveaway…. actually within a matter of days I won two give aways!  Today all these beautiful goodies from Comeca arrived. 
Candle that smells like my flower garden
Three gorgeous heavy garden stakes that will look beautiful in our memory garden

All the goodies together before I unpacked the box

Beautiful porcelain box for keeping treasures in – I love the detail on the cross
But wait that box of goodies wasn’t the only highlight to my day… I finally got some answers on the whole car fiasco… Let me refresh your memory and sum it all up in some bullets
* Rearended someone just through a stoplight
* No one was hurt – just my car
* No officer I was not on the phone, speeding, or allowing my two year old to drive
* Officer on scene, Owner of body shop, and insurance agent all tell me car is probably totaled being that it’s 2003 and airbags went off
* 10 days after accident insurance finally sends an adjustor out
* We begin shopping for new – non stinky insurance… you know one that actually returns calls and moves in a prompt manner
*We also begin car shopping
*Fall in love with a used 2009 HHR with less than 30,000 miles
* Car is not totaled out in spite of $5700 repair bill
*When asked about brakes being checked during estimate, lady at insurance company informs me ABS brakes are not supposed to stop you… they should allow you time to swerve in an accident…. yep am aware of that but pretty sure they should begin to stop you before you hit the car in front of you
*Lady also informs us that we will be responsible for brakes after car is repaired
* We choose to move car to dealership for repairs since we still intend to trade it in – what can I say I like brakes
*Dealership discovers estimate from original preferred body shop left off things such as grill and towing bill
*Estimate is now at $6000
*Local insurance agent leaves for cruise in Mediterannean for two weeks…. Simultaneous with above… convenient, huh
* No response from anyone at insurance company until today after I repetitvely call all numbers I have and all numbers they give on their voicemail.
*Today the sun breaks through the clouds… dealer is repairing sucky car and taking it as a trade in
*Paperwork is being prepared for HHR purchase, they will be calling tomorrow.
Other bright spot today is that it was weigh in day, and inspite of not going to Weight Watchers last week due to holiday and in spite of not tracking what I was eating or being very careful…. I still lost 3.4 pounds.  that puts my total at 15.8  I’m 4 pounds from the weight I was when I started my first IVF.  WooHoo!! Now if AF would show up we could get the ball rolling.

One thought on “Things are Looking up

  1. So happy that you enjoyed your goodies and Im so glad things are coming together. Im glad my lil giveaway could give you a lil joy! Have a good time on your girls day out!

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