Frustration City

We’re still a no go on the car situation.  Apparently the insurance company from h- e- double hockey sticks is sending an adjustor over to the dealer tomorrow b/c they think it might be totaled now.  Are you kidding me??  Why would it be totaled now and not last week when the first adjustor looked at it?! I’m pretty sure all this is now to string us along.  I’m so tired of rude nasty people and people insinuating that it’s our fault that this is taking so long b/c we chose to have someone else do the work.  Hello – that’s our right it says so in our policy. 

I will be beyond glad when all this is over and done with.  We’ve called so many people and their bosses trying to get somewhere and letting them all know how we’re being treated.  I will also be posting reviews on every insurance review site I can find. 

On the bright side tomorrow is the girls weekend.  My friend M and I are off to Louisville for a Beth Moore conference.  So totally need this.  I’m excited today – yesterday I was so upset and frustrated I didn’t want to go I just wanted to hibernate at home.  I know that I need this getaway and I’m praying that everything with the car will be resolved while I am out of town and that on Monday we can go get the new car.

Of course I’ll be driving a rental to L-ville (a 4 hr drive) which I’m not excited about… but I get to go trade the toyota today (Which has been a thorn in my GM hubby’s side) for a ford fusion.  Hoping it’s super nice.  On the bright side I won’t be putting the miles on the new car.  I’ll try to take lots of pics this weekend.  Hopefully it will be uplifting. 


2 thoughts on “Frustration City

  1. Insurance is such a pain to deal with. Seriously! They make us have it, and then it ends up being a joke. Grrr! Anyway, I hope you had a great weekend!!!

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