A weekend away can change everything

Life is much improved in our home.  Momma simply needed a break to see the bright side of everything again.  I spent a wonderful weekend away with a dear friend.  Friday morning we headed down to Louisville KY for the Beth Moore Deeper Still conference.  On the way down we stopped at the Edinburgh outlet mall for some bargain shopping and to drop WeeMan off with his aunt and cousin.  (It was a blessing to know he was with my sister having a blast with his sweet little cousin.)  Made mommy’s first big weekend away much smoother.  I didn’t spend the weekend worrying about how he was doing.  (Although I did have to call and check on him.  I’m a momma what can I say)  So I thought I’d share some pictures as I tell you about our weekend. 
This is me and my friend Friday night at the first session
WeeMan and his cousin all grins as they leave us behind.  He didn’t even miss me and got mad when it was time to come home he was having so much fun. Sniff sniff!

The conference was at Freedom Hall.  (The only bad part was the lack of nearby resteraunts – at least that we could find.  The only one we located was an Arby’s and we were craving some Sonic something bad.  Don’t get that up here in northern Indiana)

This is Priscilla Shirer.  I’ve done one of her Bible studies before.  My friend and I were both super impressed by her.  She talked about how we need to allow some Sabbath time in our life.  Time to look back on the previous 6 days and see the good God has done in our life.  She also talked about how we need to simplify our lives.  Oh so true.  Way too often I find myself planning every day out so we can get everything possible done and then when I do have down time I’m still running around like a chicken without my head b/c I feel guilty for being idle. 

They had these huge glass windows at all the entrances for the hall. People wrote down prayer requests or praises and then before Beth Moore spoke they did an amazing display using them.  Very moving. 

These were the three speakers.  I’ll confess neither of us cared for Kay Arthur.  She spoke Friday night – maybe we were just too tired.
This is us before heading home.  Love this picture – we just look so happy and full of joy. 
You know the best part of the weekend was spending time with my friend.  Louisville is about a 4 hour drive from here and we spent the entire drive both ways talking.  There was laughing and crying and bonding and just getting to know each other better.  I’ve been needing that girl friendship time.  I’ve felt a little at sea since growing apart from my college friend.  I’d have to say this weekend has strengthened a good work friend into a sister of the heart friend.  Isn’t it wonderful when you can find that kind of bond.  We women seem to need it so much more then men do.  Why do you think that is?

2 thoughts on “A weekend away can change everything

  1. Momma, I go out frequently with other women and dug says "I'm glad," and my response to that is "I would lose my mind if I didn't!" Glad you were able to get away! Love your new pic and sides…grass, sky…I have the living grasses on my droid. 🙂 xo, Cheryl

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