Motts for Tots Samples

I belong to this great website a friend told me about called Vocalpoint.  Just about every month they have some sort of sample they are trying to get people to try.  They mail you a sample of the product and usually coupons which sometimes are high value or even for free product.  Once you’ve tried the product they usually email you and ask you to take a survey.  Right now they’re doing a Motts for Tots sample.  I like Motts for Tots juice.  I enjoy knowing I’m choosing something healthier for WeeMan, but honestly I don’t choose it often unless it’s on sale or I have coupons.  So if you’re like me here’s your chance to get a free sample and maybe some coupons.  Just go to the link below and sign up.


2 thoughts on “Motts for Tots Samples

  1. It's nice to meet you! I'll definitely check out vocalpoint now! 🙂 I can't wait to sign up!I can't wait to watch your next IVF process and success!

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