Crafty Things from the Past Week

I was feeling pretty crafty last week, but I was also pretty broke.  So my craftiness had to be CHEAP.  Of course I knew Father’s Day was coming and we had already bought and given hubby his big gift. (The Green Egg) But I had to have something for him to open on Sunday.  Luckily I had gotten some great pictures of WeeMan and him catching lightning bugs. So I did some playing around on photobucket and got a shot I fell in love with.  Then it was on to wordle for some easy subway art.  I picked up a nice but inexpensive frame at Walmart – put them all together and wound up with a gift that brought tears to hubby’s eyes.  Not bad work if I do say so myself.

My other project this week has been a CHEAP kitchen redo.  As usual I have no before pictures.  I never think of that when I’m starting.  Sigh.  I’ve been jonesing lately to have open kitchen cabinets.  I really like my dishes and like the look of displaying them.  I’m always dragging home some sort of pieces from GW.  Right now I’m sticking with my Fiestaware from our wedding registry and some jadite I got a deal on.  I’ve been crushing on pics of transferware lately though so we’ll see how long this lasts.  Anyways – Tuesday morning after hubby left for work I stealthily removed two of the upper cabinet doors.  Then I tried to prepare him when I talked to him at lunch time.  (I’ve learned with hubby it’s better to do it first and try to prepare him b/c he just doesn’t have the visualization powers of the female mind.)  Surprisingly when he arrived home and assessed the situation he didn’t demand that the cabinet doors be returned.  In fact he asked when I was removing the rest.  Sadly I admitted that I couldn’t remove them all b/c then I wouldn’t have anywhere to hide my messy stacks of pyrex and mixing bowls.  (Hmmm need to do some decluttering and maybe)

Anways on Thursday I took off two more cabinet doors  – I’m not loving the end cabinet yet though.  Also am realizing from the pictures how cluttered my counters look and maybe I should have cleaned them before taking said pics.  Then I backed the cabinets with some cute scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and added some clearance baskets to the cabinet by the stove for seasoning storage. 

I wrapped up my kitchen project by making a bulletin board with some chicken wire, a garage sale frame, and some free yellow paint from glidden.  (I made a super cute one for my sister too – but that’s another post.)

Voila!! Cheap and crafty.  Now I need to go clean up my messy cluttered counters.  Yuck!

5 thoughts on “Crafty Things from the Past Week

  1. Look at you gettin' your craft on! Love the picture for Hubby, that turned out PRESH! And your chicken wire frame is awesome, love the color. I think your open cabinets look great, we've toyed around with redoing ours and maybe having one or to open, or with a bubble glass. Not sure yet.Way to go, Mama!

  2. I got my free paint from Glidden too! I'm going to do some decor for Alex's side of the bedroom when we move the girls in together. It's a turquiose color.

  3. That cute little toddler hand with the firefly on it is just precious! I have recently gotten a Photobucket account and hope to find time soon to "play" with it. I wish I was a neat enough person to have open cabinets…yours look great!

  4. I love cheap awesome projects like this! FREE paint?! is it still going? I got some from Valspar a few months ago and would love to get some more! Anything Free is good! Thanks for Linking up to Make it for Less Mondays @ Simply Cadence!

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