Our Heritage Days Adventure – in pictures

This past weekend was our town’s Heritage Days festival.  It seems to get smaller and smaller every year, but we still found some things to enjoy.  Thursday night after a dinner at our favorite Mexican resteraunt we looked up and saw about a dozen hot air balloons coming in really low – so our adventure was off.  We decided to follow them .  We pulled into one of the elementaries in time to see them landing.  WeeMan was amazed and dismayed all at once.  Dismayed because the balloons “popped”
The whole way home he jabbered about flying in a balloon.

Love the expression on his face in this picture
Saturday morning we found a seat on main street bright and early for the parade.  People around here take their parades seriously and some had set out chairs the day before.  Luckily we found space for us and our friends.  Once WeeMan realized that people were throwing candy he was in heaven. 

Distracted from the parade by a roly poly bug

enough with the noise!

One of the factories in our town is an ice cream factory and they always walk in the parade and give out frozen treats. 

His favorite part (besides candy) was the mini race cars

“Go race car go!”

Rounded out the afternoon with an elephant ear.  Yum!

The evening’s entertainment was a balloon glow.  Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate so they couldn’t take the balloons up.  But they let the kids push the lever to see how the fire works

Plus there was a local radio station so WeeMan and E got to bust a move

They did inflate one balloon and we had a front row seat for that

WeeMan had a terrific weekend – lots of good memories made.

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