WeeMan’s Party World

For some reason WeeMan has decided that sleeping past 1 am is lame.  So for the past few nights Mama has had to drag her tired tushy downstairs and hang out with him.  Ugh.  Let me first say that the cartoon lineup on NickJr at 1 am leaves a little to be desired.  Seriously have any of you ever heard of Oobi – because I find that show just weird.  It’s hands – HANDS with eyes!!

Of course around 7 – WeeMan decides he’s ready to crash – so I let him sleep for a couple of hours and then mean old mommy gets him up and around.  Today he was really hollering at me “I tired! I sweeping mommy” and I wish I could report that I was full of sympathy… but I was tired and grumpy and we had errands to run – so I was seriously lacking in sympathy. 
My hope is that I get to spend the entire night in my bed tonight.  I’ve got a training tomorrow morning.  Actually it’s supposed to be all day… but I’m cutting out early b/c our IVF meds are being delivered tomorrow and they’re supposed to be kept cold – pretty sure that the 90 degree porch won’t be conducive to that no matter how many ice packs they pack in there.
Yep – we’re gearing up for our last shot of IVF.  My weight is down to where it was when I got pregnant with WeeMan and hopefully that will help.  I’m also thinking that the less stress will help.  (Thank you for summer break!)  I’m not done losing yet – but I am feeling better about things and my health. 
Not much else going on in our town.  Pretty dull actually.  Probably for the best since I’m TIRED!

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