The Good, the Great, and the Happiness

Another week of summer vacay finished – for the most part uneventfully.  I’m trying to make an effort to not cram our days so full of stuff that we don’t enjoy our summer.  Our most exciting day this week was today because we went to three garage sales and the library.

The good news is WeeMan has slept through the night the past two nights.  (Knock on wood!)  Hopefully tonight passes uneventfully too.  We still have no idea where the idea of ghosts came from or why he was so hysterical two nights ago, but we’re saying our thanks that we seemed to have moved past them.  In other good news I picked up WeeMan’s big Christmas gift today.  (We do one big Santa gift and three gifts from mommy and daddy – and stocking of course) I got a Vtech Vsmile at one of the garage sales with art pad and 7 games for under $20.  WooHoo!!  He’ll love it I think. 

The great news is – I spent the day yanking my jeans up b/c they kept falling down.  WooHoo!!  When hubby got home I left him with WeeMan and ventured out to JC Penneys where I bought jeans another size smaller.  (That’s two sizes down!!) (Oh and they were on clearance – so even better!)

The happiness is tomorrow is DATE NIGHT!!  Hubby and I have been really diligent about going once a month on a date with no WeeMan and no family issues (in – laws – more on that later) We’re going to our favorite local restaurant.  Mmmmmmm delish food and atmosphere – looks like it belongs in NYC or Chicago and not dumpy little H-ton.  We’re also going to a movie – gotta get our use out of our sitter before she deserts us to college next year.  (Whimper, sigh)

So there you have it life in a nutshell.  I’m working on Fourth of July decorations and a post about the latest in-law trauma’s.  I’ll just leave it at please say a prayer for my 4 year old niece for right now.  She needs a guardian angel.


2 thoughts on “The Good, the Great, and the Happiness

  1. Mama, Congrats on being two sizes down! I am so proud of you! You should buy those jeans on clearance because you won't wear them too long before you'll be down another size! xo, Cheryl

  2. Way to go 2 sizes, that is GREAT news! Whoo HOOO!I hear you about packing the summer. I do that too much try to do so many activities that I'm the one warn out needing a vacation!Sounds like your having a great time. Plus 2 nights sleeping threw the night is also good news!Doing a happy dance for ya 🙂

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