Fourth of July porch

Well in spite of the craziness that has ensued at our house. (More about that in a bit) I have finally gotten around to decorating the porch for the Fourth of July and I’m proud to announce that I had everything on hand – which means my decorations cost me $0. Cheap is always good!

I decided my petunias just weren’t quite patriotic enough in the old wash stand.  So I saved up some paper towel and toilet paper tubes.  (With a two year old in the house we go through a lot of toilet paper!) I covered them in some scrapbook paper I had on hand and made some little cones for the top.  Stuck them to some bamboo skewers and voila rockets.  This would have been fun to have an older kiddo help me with.  2 just wasn’t quite big enough.

I also decided our front door decor needed a little switching up so…. I used a goodwill frame I had hanging in the kitchen.  Glued some navy rosettes on it from scraps of fabric I had.  Added a Christmas Star in the center and tucked a couple of flags in the star pocket.  I think this turned out super cute.  And bonus it was free and simple. 

Next up was my wreath hanger.  After rummaging in the craft closet I found this small empty wreath.  (I’m not loving the size but it works for now) I made a penant banner using scraps from the rockets.  Added some pinwheels from my scrapbook stash and there you go.


Here’s a shot of the total picture and a close up of the other two rockets. 

Now you may be wondering what the next picture has to do with Fourth of July decorations.  Well this is a little teaser of what’s been going on at our house since Saturday.  WeeMan has been cranky, grumpy, whiny, pass out wherever monster.  We attributed it to teething…. until after church on Sunday.  See when we left for church he had one bug bite on his belly.  When we came home from church he had about 2 dozen all over his body.  Mostly his back, waistband, and hairline.  Turns out those bug bites were – chicken pox.  So we’re dealing with the pox at our house.  It’s meant crazy sleeping schedules, whiny WeeMan, and grumpy mama.  Today we went to the doc and got my self diagnosis confirmed,  He also prescribed an antiviral med that should keep the breakout from getting too much worse.  We’re taking lots of oatmeal baths and painting him with calamine lotion.  (He’s very offended by the oatmeal bath.  He wrinkles his little nose and tells me “I not take a bath in dirty water, mama”  )  So far the magic paint (calamine lotion) has seemed to help with the itching.  Hopefully this passes quickly and uneventfully.  Hopefully mama’s able to retain her sanity and my happy WeeMan comes back home soon.
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7 thoughts on “Fourth of July porch

  1. Love your decorations! You are very smart that way. WeeMan is PASSED OUT! Hope he feels better soon! Chicken pox are no fun. You asked about GW Vintage Vogue…I don't know if the prices are better or worse, but I do know that it saves a lot of digging because mostly there is "nice" stuff there. This Sat. a.m. is half off…they have some Dooney and Burke purses (may not have spelled that correctly). I do not need another purse…but we'll see. xo, Cheryl

  2. Oh my word, your blog and your Fourth of July porch is fantastic. Love all the patriotic deco. Do you decorate your porch for each holiday? I think it's a great idea and although I don't have a big porch like yours, I do have an entry way that I can decorate and make one feel welcome like yours. Thanks for sharing! Please come join my Patriotic Linky party and enter this post – it fits in perfectly. Have a Happy 4th!!

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