Keeping Busy and a healthy summer recipe

The pox is taking its toll on our happy house.  Mama is beginning to go stir crazy.  I know WeeMan is hurting and miserable, but oh I miss my happy little boy.  This grouchy demanding child that has taken his place is causing mama some serious stress.  Of course not helping the stress is the fact that I haven’t slept an entire night in my own bed since sometime last week.  Once again the itchies apparently took over about 1:30 am and it was party time again – at least for WeeMan.  His new sick habit seems to be sitting in whatever room he’s in and screaming for someone to get his binky, toy, blanket, snack, movie, etc.  instead of coming and asking.  If you don’t respond fast enough then the screams simply get louder.  I’m honestly at my wit’s end.  I’ve tried keeping him busy with projects or little surprises I’ve had tucked away.  I tried to drag him outside to play today… but no go.  He just wants to lay in the house and be miserable.  My heart hurts for him right now – but I dream of escaping.  I know I said I was trying to stay at home more this summer.  But that was before the enforced quarantine.  Hubby continues to escape to work and usually runs errands or stops to see the guys at the card shop before coming home.  He tries to distract WeeMan when he gets home – but all WeeMan wants is mama.  I was able to escape last night for Weight Watchers.  I’m down another 1.2 pounds.  Pretty good considering I’ve been at a bit of a stand still since my points lowered this last time.  I think I’ve done better getting my water drank this past week and I used almost all my extra points – I think eating more actually helped.  So we’re trying the same tactic this week.  That puts my grand total at 17 pounds.  I’m only 6 pounds from my 10% weight loss goal.  I’d love to make that before the invitro.  We’ll see what the next week brings.  The holiday and vacation are looming and I know both will be difficult for me.
I did make some productive use of my time today.  Managed to get all the laundry done.  Including all the throws and pillows from around the house and their hanging on the line out back to dry.  Love the smell of sheets dried out in the sun. I also decided to clean out the fridge and had some veggies I needed to get used up… so I dug out my grandma’s old cookbook and made one of her favorite salads.  It’ll keep for several days in the fridge. 

The salad is called three vegetable salad and I’ve seen lots of variations of this out there.  This one is my grandma’s recipe. 

You’ll need cucumbers, tomatoes, and an onion.  (I’ve also been known to throw in bell peppers if I have them)
First chop two large cucumbers.  (You can leave the peel on – or take it off.  Whichever you prefer)
I didn’t have two large cukes so I chopped 5 small ones.
Then chop one onion and three large tomatoes. (I’ve substituted halved cherry tomatoes in this if that’s what I have.  This time I had large tomatoes) 
Combine all your veggies in a large bowl
In a smaller bowl mix 1/2 cup white vinegar
3 tsp splenda or 1 cup sugar
and a pinch of salt
Pour the vinegar dressing over the veggies and stir gently to combine.  Let rest in fridge at least 3 hours before serving.  I keep this in the fridge several days and just have it whenever.  It’s cool and refreshing and healthy.   Plus it’s only 1 Weight Watcher point plus value.
Can’t wait until I have my own tomatoes to use.

I also added some 4th of July decorations to our living room.  Simple things.  But they made things feel more summery.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Busy and a healthy summer recipe

  1. Poor mama, I'd be nutty too! Look at you go with all that laundry you got done!I love that you showed the recipe book and the recipe with the stain on it. That is how I know a recipe is good and loved is when I open up my book and find those pages!P.S. You need to make the popsicle's you would love them!!

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