I think I can see daylight

I think the worst of the Chicken Pox curse is over.  We have managed two full nights of sleep – or I was just so tired I didn’t wake up for WeeMan’s crying.  I have to believe we managed to sleep through the night – thank you Benedryl.  Otherwise I’m just the worst mama in the world.   He definitely has seemed in better spirits the past two days.  I’ve even managed to drag him outside to play with minimal fit throwing. (Which the fact that he was throwing fits about going outside tells me how sick he was… usually he throws fits about coming in – not going out) I even managed to get some housework done without constant paging and demands for entertaining.  I would like to take a minute to thank Comcast cable and the people at Nick Jr for helping preserve my sanity the past few days.  No I’m not a big advocate of tv watching for a two year old… but trust me that tv was what kept mama from standing outside screaming at the top of her lungs.  And hey on the bright side Nick Jr. is commercial free and somewhat educational.  He even picked up some rhyming skills.  and his favorite cartoon right now is “Team UmiZoomi” which while it irritates mama to the extreme teaches some math skills. (Hmmm maybe the math aspect is what irritates mama – I never did enjoy math)  Hubby has been terrific the past few days too.  He’s let me escape the house for a bit each evening.  (Last night I got to go to the library all by myself!  Huge treat to not have WeeMan helping by pulling all the books off the shelves in the adult section.)  

I think one of the biggest helps with the bedroom issue was the deconstruction of the playroom.  On Wednesday I turned our guestroom back to a guestroom and rearranged WeeMan’s tiny bedroom so he could play with his toys up there.  He seems to like having his things up there and it gave me a chance to weed out some of the toys he doesn’t play with and some of the toys that are too babyish for him.  His train table is still in the den and he still has half his dinos and half his cars and a few other favorite things downstairs – but for the most part everything else is in his room.  It’s also nice having our guest room -pretty and welcoming for guests again.  I did a few other projects this week too.  Moved our coffee table up to our room – placed it at the end of the bed – threw some pillows on the top and voila bench.  I then relocated an old wooden box down to the living room to act as a coffee table.  It’s much smaller and fits the size of the room better – plus it’s already painted blue from when it was my coffee table in my apartment and adds another pop to the very neutral living room.  Today’s project was repainting our iron headboard from cream… to oil rubbed bronze.  It was getting lost against our light walls and that certainly helps some of the detail of it stand out again.  (It was an auction find about 14 years ago – my dad bought the frame along with a bunch of other junk for less than $10)  He always had the best luck at auctions – wish I had some of that.  I get involved in bidding and lose track of the price in the excitement of the hunt!

Not much planned for the weekend.  I’m going to sneak out early in the morning to a couple of sales and then I have to stop and clean at the church.  (It’s our weekend – usually hubby would help me – but we’re still under quarantine)  I’ve also got to either make cookies for Sunday or buy cookies.  Maybe I can find the energy to actually bake cookies.  (Those are for church – I’m not totally blowing my weight watchers this weekend – we won’t mention the KFC I had for dinner tonight) I’m going to try my hand at making banana pudding for our sweet treat for Sunday and Monday – I think I can adapt the recipe so it’s a bit lighter.  We’re not going to church on Sunday – at least WeeMan and I aren’t.  I don’t think we’ll still be contagious… but I figure I better give it a couple more days.  (especially since I’m on some people’s bad mommy list for choosing not to get the chicken pox vaccine.  I had one mom – who lets just say isn’t star mommy material either – bash me for not getting the shot.  I was quick to share with her that our doctor had told us we were probably better letting him get the actual disease – since the shot doesn’t work for everyone and since he got so sick from all his other shots. She even questioned me repetitively about was I sure it wasn’t measles – apparently there’ve been a few cases up here.  I had to point out we had been to the doctor and we had also had the MMR shot. Maybe if she wasn’t so busy telling me about my lack of parenting skills her children wouldn’t be hitting each other with large sticks and her bathroom wouldn’t be so filthy and moldy! Sorry for the rant but it was very frustrating!) 

We’re postponing our planned trip to Alabama until the end of next week.  We want to make sure we’re completely chicken pox free before going to visit Aunt Joyce in Alabama.  She’s in her 80s and we need to be extra careful.  If hubby could get time off later in the summer we’d probably put it off longer… but the factory is shut down next week and the week after and he’s not got enough seniority for any of the other time he requested.  Guess he’ll be taking that time when I’m back at school.  The later trip could put some other issues in our path as far as our IVF goes.  I’m never very regular but I’m on a pill pack to try to help that this month.  Once I start and we have day 1 I’ll need to get an u/s done to check for cysts and then we start shots.  Timing could be very tricky. I’m hoping I either start before we go in the next few days or as we’re preparing to head home in the following week.  The worst case scenario would be starting on the first day we’re down there b/c there’s a window you have to get the first u/s done in.  Again – wish we could arrange timing better but we NEED to go see Aunt J – her health is declining and she’s been asking to see her WeeMan.  (Just wish she lived up here so we could see her more often) If we have to we’ll wait another month for the IVF and I’ll just have to do it when I’m back at school.  Not ideal – but that’s life.  I’m praying my sun stand still prayer and hoping for the best.  After all God can do everything – just need to trust in His plan.


4 thoughts on “I think I can see daylight

  1. Wow, glad you are all feeling better! I've had that "whoa, did we sleep the night or did I not hear him crying" happen a few times. I can't bear the thought of him crying all night while I sleep so let's just say they slept soundly too :)and Nick Jr. is my saving grace. Thank the Lord for it!

  2. Wow, glad you are all feeling better! I've had that "whoa, did we sleep the night or did I not hear him crying" happen a few times. I can't bear the thought of him crying all night while I sleep so let's just say they slept soundly too :)and Nick Jr. is my saving grace. Thank the Lord for it!

  3. I was just catching up on reading your blog this morning. I have to say you have had an eventful summer. Glad WeeMan is over the chicken pox. Had to laugh at your Nick Jr comments. I know when I was sick as a kid, watching my favorite tv programs all day on the sofa was my favorite part of being sick. At least they have programs more informative now than I Dream of Jeanie or Green Acres. Have fun on your trip down South. I'm sure your husband's great Aunt will love seeing you. Take lots of photos.

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