Gearing up

We’re gearing up for several things here in the next few weeks.  Hopefully we can get the timing right on everything. 

Now that we’ve finished up with the chicken pox quarantine.  We’ll be heading down to Alabama to visit my hubby’s great aunt and WeeMan’s great grandma.  (At least that’s how he thinks of her).  Our plan is to leave early Friday morning and hopefully drive straight through.  I think it’s a nine or ten hour drive.  We’ll be stopping at every rest stop and letting WeeMan out to run.  I’m packing a cooler full of picnic type foods so we can avoid fast food and gas station snacks.  We have reservations through Sunday with thoughts that we can always stay longer if we change our mind. 

We’re in a precarious timing situation with everything.  I should have started the sugar pills in my bc pack yesterday (I know ironic that I’m on birth control when we’re trying to get pregnant… but it’s part of the timing) Anyways called Dr B’s office b/c I was afraid I’d start in Alabama and we’d be unable to go this month.  You have to have an u/s within so many days once you start and then they get your meds started.  They had me start another pill pack and skip the nonactive pills for now.  Once we get back we’ll stop the pack.  (I’m on a pill that’s the same amount of drug the entire time – it’s basically just to get me regular. (Yep ironic that I’m now hoping to not be regular and not start until I get back to town) I’m a little achy today so fingers are crossed it’s nothiing and we’ll be okay. 

Gotta get back to packing and making lists, but I’ll try to post pics from the fourth soon. 


3 thoughts on “Gearing up

  1. You are so smart to plan ahead so that you have all of your snacks, etc. Maybe Weeman will run so much that he will be ready for a nap? I can remember trips when my children were little and we would start at midnight so they would sleep! Love the quilt border if I haven't told you.xo, Cheryl

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