Sun Stand Still – IVF Day 1

I went back to Dr B for another ultrasound today.  Everything looked much better so I gave myself my first round of shots today.  I will be giving myself 150 units of Follistem in the morning and 150 units of menopur in the evening.  Both shots go in my stomach or thigh.  Neither one is too bad to do – not painful.  The Menopur is slightly more difficult because it has to be mixed – but it’s doable.  I’ll go back on Tuesday morning for another ultrasound to see if anything is happening.  Last time it took awhile – but I”m about 20 pounds lighter now – so maybe we’ll get moving right off. 

Now that shots have started we’ve reached the no turning back point.  This officially counts as our last fresh cycle through the Integramed program whether we’re able to finish successfully or not.  I’m scared but praying – I’m praying that God gives us another miracle baby – that he makes the sun stand still for us one more time. 

After my appointment this morning I squeezed in some garage saling – but didn’t find a lot.  I’d like to hit a few in town tomorrow morning but we have to run up to the doctor’s office again so hubby can sign the releases.  Grrrr.  Hopefully we can squeeze some in on the way home.  My in-laws are coming down tomorrow and bringing our niece – that’s a sad story for another day… one that makes my heart ache.  She’s 4 and is looking forward to playing with WeeMan.  Let’s just say – I would dearly love to have her live with us and be our little girl… her mom – hubby’s sister is a real piece of work.  I’ll have to write that story some other day. 


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