Fun at the Farm – in Spite of the Heat

In spite of the heat advisory, we made a trip out to our pastor’s house to visit the horses and other critters today.  WeeMan is a farmer at heart.  I wish we lived somewhere where we could have lots of animals.  Unfortunately that’s just a wish for right now and not a possibility.  Luckily we have good people like the pastor’s family that don’t mind sharing their animals. 
Checking each other out

Another friend and her daughter met us out there.  Here they are helping Lex lead Gus the mule to the riding arena

Of course we had to stop and check out a few farm bugs

Wish WeeMan had been looking at me – everyone else was!

Look at that smile – I think he wants to be a cowboy!

Lex leading Gus

She even let WeeMan try a few “jumps”

Best friends
Tonight I’m off to Weight Watchers.  I’m a little nervous.  I missed the last two weeks because of the holiday and vacation. I’m pretty sure I sweated off about 5 pounds outside today though!  My goal is to hit my 10% mark before school starts – I’ve got three weeks and about 3 pounds so it’s doable.  I definitely am going to have to do some back to school shopping soon.  I’m going to need some new dress pants – my old ones are way too big!!  Watch out Goodwill here I come.  On another note I’m thinking about getting a few feather extensions before school starts too.  A good friend just had it done and I love it.  I need to do some research and see how long they last and check out how to care for them. 
First ultrasound tomorrow to check for follicles.  Grow eggies grow!!
Well I’ll check back in tonight after weight watchers and give you the scoop. 

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