First Follicle Update

Today was my first ultrasound since we started the shots.  Things looked good.  I had a few measurable follicles and for the most part they were all measuring around the 8-10 range.  I had one follicle measuring 11 – hopefully he doesn’t jump too far ahead of the pack.  I only had 6-7 that were measurable.  But there were a LOT of little ones – so the nurse wasn’t worried.  My numbers looked good – my estradiol was in the 600 range already – which I think is high so they’re starting me on the ganirelix shots tonight.  (Of course worry wart that I am – I’m worried about those meds.  The box says store at 77 degrees and I know there were a couple of days our house was over that and I didn’t realize they needed to be kept at that temp.  Hopefully I’m worrying for nothing… but I’m a worrier. That’s what I do.) I do back on Thursday morning for another ulltrasound and blood draw.  Hopefully they have a ton of follicles to measure and hopefully the ganirelix holds my numbers down.  I go from being excessively worried to feeling calm and having faith.  This morning I was worrying all the things that could go wrong in my head on the drive and a song came on the radio.  I don’t know what the title was but the chorus was saying “Trust in Jesus” and all about putting our trust in him – even through the storms.  I actually immediately took a couple of deep breaths and felt myself grow calmer and the worries ease.  Oh I know they’ll be back – I’m human and that’s my weakness – but hopefully there will be another reminder to have faith in God’s plan.  Right now we’re busy praying our sun stand still prayers – asking God for miracles and trying to remember that He can do all things.


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