Oooops – IVF update

I realized this morning that I never got on here Tuesday to fill you all in.  I’ve had two appointments this week and so far everything is progressing well.  I’ve got about 16 follicles all ranging in size from 10-13 mm. so they’re staying pretty close which is a good thing.  My estradiol level is climbing – it was 1200 which seems high to me.  But when I asked the nurse she said that Dr. B wasn’t worried about it.  So my next scan is Saturday and I guess we’ll go from there.  Looks like we’ll be ready for retrieval sometime next week. 

In Weight Watcher’s news I was down 4.2 pounds – which is incredible.  I guess I was off about my 10% loss goal though.  I’m still 1.8pounds away from it.  I’d love to hit it this week or next week, but we’ll see how that goes.  I’m concerned about the shots affecting my weight.  So far the scale is staying down, but there are definitely times when I feel bloated.  I’m okay with that, I’d rather have another beautiful baby then hit my goal before school.  Besides after retrieval things will start to feel better.


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