Nerves of Steel?

I guess I haven’t updated much this week.  It’s been a bit crazy – so I think I’d better do it in bullets to help keep my mind straight

* The biggie this week was our egg retrieval which was on Wednesday.  They were able to get 13 eggs.  Of the 13 only 10 were mature enough for ICSI (injecting the sperm into the egg – due to hubby’s issues we have to do this.) On Thursday we received word that 7 of the 10 were showing signs of fertilization.  We began to plan for transfer on Saturday.  Due to timing they plan for a 3 day transfer with the hope of doing a 5 day blastocyst transfer instead – depending on how they look on day 3.  Apparently the odds are much better of implantation on a 5 day transfer.  On Saturday morning we headed down to Carmel.  We were about 3/4 of the way there when we got the call that everything looked great and they wanted to push us out to Monday for a 5 day transfer instead.  Of the 10 – we were up to 8 – one showed late signs.  Of the 8 – 3 were grade three , 2 were grade 2+ and 2 were grade 2.  Grade 4 is the best possible, but is only given for a perfect embryo and so therefore is given very rarely.  We continued on to Carmel for bloodwork – which looked good and since we were there – we stopped at a super nice Goodwill.  Anyone familiar with the Indy area knows how nice Carmel is.  It’s the rich side of town.  So tomorrow is the day. I’m still praying b/c I know in my heart that in the end this will come down to God.  That none of it is possible without His Hands and Work.  I know so many of you are praying for us too and I can’t begin to express how that feels to know so many people in so many places are all praying for us.  I thank you all.

* What else?  Well Hubby and I are WeeMan-less for now.  He went off with Grammy yesterday night so that I can lay around on the couch with my feet in the air for a few days after tomorrow.  He’s such a big boy.  No tears.  In fact he said  “Miss you lots, Mama and Daddy.” and climbed right in her car and demanded to go to her house.  I know he’s having a blast down there – we talked to him today for a few minutes and he’s all jabbery and happy.  It’s quiet here though.  Hubby and I declared last night an impromptu date night – partly to get out of the quiet house.  He’ll be back on Thursday.  Until then I’ll be trying to will our beans to stick.

* Friday night I managed to have a Tastefully Simple Party.  (Yep isn’t my timing grand?!) It was fun though and I had a good turnout. 

* I’ve spent today preparing for being inactive the next few days.  In other words, browsing Amazon for books for my Kindle, cleaning like a fiend, cooking dinner tonight and making enough for leftovers,  preparing a crockpot soup for tomorrow, and finishing laundry.  All that’s left to do tonight is put away said laundry… I know if any of it’s undone while I’m on bed/ couch rest – well I won’t be able to be on bed/ couch rest… b/c it will make me insane. 

I think that’s it – my last few days in a nutshell.  All filled with a constant silent, sometimes outloud, pleading prayer for a Sun Stand Still miracle.  


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