Cautious Optimism

Today was our first pregnancy test at the doctor’s office. I was so strong this time around. No cheating and taking one before I went. For the first test with IVF the doctor likes your level to be above 50, but anything above 5 is considered a positive test. With David my level  was slow to rise – so that was a pretty nervewracking time. Today I was praying it would be at least 50. My appointment was at 9 and I spent a long three hours trying to stay busy in my classroom before the nurse called with my levels. (Honestly though 3 hours is pretty fast) Well, today my level was over 200!! So we’re optimistic. (Okay I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic… but I feel like I could jump around and scream and shout for joy) 200 is a great number especially since we didn’t trigger with HCG so there wouldn’t be any left in my system. I’m pregnant!! I go back on Friday for another check. They’ll check my HCG to make sure it’s going up. (It should double every 72 hours) They’ll also be checking my estradiol and progesterone. I’m still supplementing both of those because we did the lupron trigger.

We continue to pray for another miracle baby. I’m praying God will watch over this bean/ beans and help them grow big and strong. Someone asked me today when we reached the nonworry part of it all and I kind of had to laugh… I don’t think I ever reached the nonworry point of my first pregnancy. It was such an incredible miracle – I kept waiting for something to go wrong to take it away. Right now the next hurdle on my radar is Friday’s test


6 thoughts on “Cautious Optimism

  1. Oh! This made me smile SO BIG! I totally know what you mean about there never being a "no worry" stage to pregnancy. I don't know many women who never worry. Maybe the ones that have never experienced fertility issues or a miscarriage….I miscarried our first baby, and I never reach a "no worry" stage. It's not that I have gut-wrenching worry, it's just that I realize God is sovereign and he GIVES and takes. Praying for that sweet babe(s) who is already being knitted in your womb. His Grace will see you through, but I'm rejoicing with you right now!

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