Short Update Today

Just a short update today.  My bloodwork came back great today.  My progesterone and estrogen looked good.  My HCG was up to 519.  That means in 48 hours it had come up 94% – the goal is for it to come up 75 – 100% every 72 hours. 

So…. no more labs or doctors visits until Sept 7 when we will have our first ultrasound.  Hopefully by then we will be able to see the heartbeat flickering.  I know Sept 7 is less than a month away, but I have a feeling it’s going to seem much longer. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers.  At this point we’re cautiously optimistic – I’ll be praying that God watches over this bean and helps him grow and develop and that our ultrasound looks good.  I’ll update more tomorrow.  Have a great night!


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