Picking up the Pieces

My goal for this week is to start to return our home to normal.  To start to pick up the pieces and put our life back together.  Oh I know there are still going to be days that hurt, times that I cry for no reason at all… but we have to move forward.  My hubby has been wonderful at keeping us together through this, he’s been a rock.  He’s hurting just as much as me, but he’s looking forward to the future with hope and faith that God will still give us another baby.  His faith and his outlook through the hurt have been amazing. 

So today to begin to collect the pieces of everyday life, I made it to Weight Watchers  and weighed in.  (Down a pound) I came home and cleaned the kitchen and watched the cushion covers on the couch.  I made meatloaf and beer bread for dinner and even managed to get outside to pick tomatoes and water my flowers.  I’m still exhausted and I’m still bleeding.  I honestly believe the two are connected, and I’ll have another chance to talk to the nurse tomorrow when I go to have my Hcg checked again.  It will be a relief when the physical part of this is over.

In the spirit of picking up the pieces and moving forward I’ve got a terrific giveaway coming up in the next day or so.  My first one ever.  Be sure to check back for that.


One thought on “Picking up the Pieces

  1. Your faith and strength through this is so inspiring, sweet lady. I know how it hurts, but I also know how much more it hurts for you. Still praying for you, friend!

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