Prayers Needed

My Hcg levels today went up instead of down.  Our original levels the day after the miscarriage were over 3000.  48 hours later they had to 800 a week later they were down to 200.  Today’s test revealed they were back up to 536 a week later.  The doctor is thinking there is some tissue left inside me causing my body to be confused.  I am praying that my God is doing a miracle.  We didn’t abstain from babydancing after the miscarriage… didn’t realize we were supposed to until the third Hcg and once the bleeding stopped we found comfort with each other. (Sorry if that’s tmi) I’m praying for a true miracle tonight.  I know that my God is bigger than all of this – that he can do great things. I’m scared though – I don’t want to hope too much and be devestated.  All I can do tonight is give this to God and leave it in his hands.  I can’t do anything to fix this myself.


One thought on “Prayers Needed

  1. Oh my friend … my friend, I am sending SO much hope out into the universe for you all. You all have been deep in my heart. I have EVERYTHING crossed that this is another little miracle on the way for you!<3

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