We have a winner finally

Remember last week – when I did the scrapbook giveaway.  Okay, okay it was two weeks ago… but anyways.  Life kind of ran over me and I’ve not gotten anything done lately.  Well I finally figured out the random number thing – sort of and we have a winner.  It was a very low entry contest, but the winner is.
That’s right the winner was number 4 (I know pretty sad on the low entries.)
Number 4 was ekh20 who wrote My fave is the All About Me The Littles Pack. Plus they had some really great sample ideas with it. So many choices! ” 
I’ll be emailing you with all the details this evening!

2 thoughts on “We have a winner finally

  1. This is actually why I came to comment today! My Memories contacted me about doing a giveaway, and I wanted to see what your experience was like dealing with them. Feel free to email me back whenever you get a free minute…I didn't enter your giveaway because I didn't think it would work with a Mac, but apparently it does.

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