An Update in Pictures

In case you were wondering what we’ve been up to lately, I thought I’d share some pictures and a short update…. be warned there’s gonna be a lot of pictures!

We played fireman – and some of us didn’t wear pants!

Funnel cakes were consumed while riding piggyback at Johnny Appleseed festival. (Hubby says to make sure and assure you that that’s powdered sugar not grey hair!)

Visited Johnny Appleseed’s grave

Mountains were climbed

Ducks were picked at the street fair

Cotton Candy was inhaled (Not the same weekend as the funnel cake!)

We partied like a rock star

And we crashed like one too!

Did some excavating in the backyard

Drove a pink jeep – fast!

Fell in love

Demanded faster better wagon rides

Fought over our new love

Figured out how to share

Explored a soybean field (This is one of my favorite pictures)

And wrapped it all up by shaving with dad
Whew! We’ve been awful busy, but I promise to get back to updating this week. 

3 thoughts on “An Update in Pictures

  1. What fun! I love the soybean field pic too! Maybe a Christmas card pic? Or at least blown up big for your house? I think the pics of my kids when they were younger were my favorites! Hope school is going well for you! Can you believe the first 9 weeks are almost here and gone? Good grief!Take care!

  2. I'm not sure if you follow me or not, but I really like your blog and have been reading your story over the months.I write a parenting blog based on my experiences with my twins and we are opposite in many ways, the main ones being I do not want any more children and my family is not religious.That said, I find your writing (mostly) inspiring, which is rare for texts that speak of faith. (This is meant as a compliment.)I was wondering if you would ever consider doing me the greatest honor of writing a guest post about TTC and how your faith has helped you through your hardships.It's something I think my readers would like, and it's something I'd never be able to give them.I truly appreciate your blog, and I'm glad you've written as much as you can.Thanks for being you,Darlena, Tales of an Unlikely Mother

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