A Wild and Wooly Weekend

Wow! What a weekend we had.  It started off with a field trip with fourth grade to Mississinewa 1812 on Friday.  We had a gorgeous day for the trip and the kids were all well behaved (at least the ones from our school!) Unfortunately in a festival filled with thousands I managed to lose my driver’s license.  (Yep that makes me more than a little nervous.  It’s probably also making some high school kid happy to have a fake id)  Then as I’m trying to track down my license or the necessary paperwork to get a replacement license, the sitter calls and says WeeMan is running a 103 degree temp.  So I rushed to the sitter to get my baby amd then handed him off to hubby so I could rush to the BMV to get a new license.  WeeMan and I stayed home from the farewell party we were supposed to go to at church.  We also skipped the UAW picnic we were supposed to go to on Saturday.  He never did run another temp over the weekend.  The aspirin kicked it right away and that was the end of it.  He was pretty worn out Saturday morning.  But other than that had no symptoms.

Since he remained fever free and seemed healthy we still traveled down to my hometown for a sleepover with my girl friends from elementary school and their kiddos.  A good time was had by ALL.  We came to the unanimous decision that we needed to make the sleepover an annual event. 

Here’s some pics from our weekend.  You can tell it was absolutely wonderful.

WeeMan getting a little computer time Thursday night.  He wanted to play Angry Birds

Doesn’t this camp look cozy

Old and young spend the weekend onsite at the festival

Just loved the colors in these two


Anybody need a job?

One of my favorite sites

I’d like a house right here

We built a nice fire Saturday night for visiting and smores

Believe it or not it was almost midnight before he crashed and then he was up by 7!

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