We’ve had a pretty good week.  We’ve been able to keep our forward momentum and although there have been sad moments, we’ve pushed on.  We’ve taken steps this week to make us (hubby and I) stronger.  We joined a small group at church for married couples.  We will meet every Wednesday night with 4 other couples to view a video and read a book called “The Art of Marriage Getting to the Heart of God’s Design”  It’s a Family Life video series and I think it will be good for us right now.  We’ve had our share of dark days in the past couple of months – darker than I ever realized- at times and I think this will help us come back together and find healing with each other.  We like and respect the other couples in the group.  Two have been married longer and the other about the same amount of time. 

We’ve also spent the past couple of weeks talking, crying, and arguing about names.  I’ve been needing to give our baby a name… something that says that he or she was wanted and loved for the short time they were ours.  Something that says that they existed and that we’ll be together again someday.  Hubby gets that I needed this, but didn’t feel as strongly.  It was hard to find a gender neutral name that meant something to us that we could agree on.  Who am I kidding it was hard naming a child who was loved so much and yet never grew bigger than a bean.  Yesterday we finally found one we could agree on one that spoke to my heart.  Our tiny gift’s name is Zion Aime (a MAY).  Zion because our baby has gone on to be with God in Heaven and Aime means loved. 

So there’ve been tears this week.  They seem to have become a natural part of each week, but we’ve also had moments of joy and celebration.  We celebrated this week becaus I reached my 10% goal at Weight Watchers on Monday.  I’m hoping to have another 20 down by Christmas.  Isn’t it funny how seeing that loss makes it easier to stick it out and work harder.  We were even able to find an inexpensive used elliptical.  I went and picked it up tonight and I even used it. (Okay granted I was only able to do 10 minutes today, but I’ll work my way up and hey 20 minutes is better than the nothing I was doing before.) I’m also very pleased to be down two sizes.  I can’t even tell you how good it feels to be able to buy clothes from the nonplus size sections. 

We also have good things on the horizon.  It’s date night on Saturday. (Our sitter is home from college), we’re going to the pumpkin patch Saturday afternoon, and I’m going shopping for some smaller pants tomorrow at a consignment store in the city. 

I’ll be back later this weekend with some pictures.  Love you all.


3 thoughts on “Forward

  1. Mama, Glad to hear you are still walking and taking steps together. I am so stinking proud of your 20 lbs. That sounds about right…a size for every 10 lbs down. Keep on keepin on! xo, Cheryl

  2. Hurray for the weight loss so far. I have a stationary bike that I have had for years. In honor of your weight loss, I'll clean my clothes off of it and get back on it this weekend.

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