My Little Angry Bird

WeeMan decided he wanted to be an Angry Bird for Halloween.  Largely due to one of his best friends being one too.  We’ve known this for about two months so I’ve been tossing costume ideas around in my head.  We found an actual costume at the store for adults. 

Red Angry Bird Adult Costume
I wasn’t too impressed. 

So I decided to get crafty and make my own.  It ended up being super cheap – just the cost of a red t-shirt and stocking cap.  I had everything else on hand at home.  It was also incredibly easy.  I put it all together in less than an hour.  Here’s what I did.

WeeMan is a small sprout – so I started with a childs large red t-shirt.  (for a bigger child I probably would have used an adults – you want the shirt to be BIG)
The cost of the shirt was $4 at JoAnn’s – probably could have found it cheaper if I had started looking earlier or had used a coupon – but $4 still isn’t bad

First I cut off both sleeves taking the seam with them
Then I cut off the collar with the seam. (I forgot to take a picture of this step) I also widened and dropped the neck in the back so that it would be easier to tie later on.
Next I cut across the shoulder seam and then trimmed the seam itself off.  (It should look a bit like an untied sundress with wide straps at this point)

While I was in the cutting frame of mind I cut a small slit in the inside of the hem

Here are the shoulder after I tied them.  I Probably could have gotten the sewing machine down and cleaned up all the outside edges… but I didn’t

I found a long piece of red ribbon and threaded it through the slit in the hem bringing it all the way around
You will draw this up and tie it to make the bottom balloon a bit.  We debated stuffing the inside with crumpled newspaper to make him fat… but I don’t think we need to.

I used some sticky backed felt I had on hand and cut a large oval for his belly.  I also cut two dark rectangles and stuck them directly to the knit hat.  They aren’t permanently there, but they’ll do.  If I get to feeling energetic, I’ll tack them on. 
WeeMan is wearing a red turtleneck and red sweatpants we already had under it.  The cost of his costume was less than $6.  Not bad at all in my book.  And clearly he’s a happy Angry Bird!

3 thoughts on “My Little Angry Bird

  1. That is so darn cute! You are very talented. BTW, my husband is totally addicted to that game. I had put it on my son's itouch because I thought he'd like the sounds the birds make, but my husband saw it and started playing it and now can't stop playing it.

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