Thankfulness Day 5 – My Mom

Today I am thankful for my mom.  My mom is truly an amazing lady.  She has been a fantastic mother and a wonderful grandma.  Growing up we may not have always gotten along.  (But what daughter doesn’t have fights with their mom) But she took the best care of us.  She took pride in making us beautiful Christmas and Easter dresses.  She even put together a couple of my prom dresses.  (Even though I wanted black for my senior year) She suffered through years of 4-H trying to help us bake the perfect cookie, muffin, cake, bread , etc. She was not content to let us turn in a mediocre project.  We baked batch after batch until we had it just right.  She was a Band mom through my high school years, helping to take care of our uniforms, traveling to contests with us, and making sure we were all fed healthily.  She was a brownie leader for my sister, a Sunday school teacher and a VBS helper, she was even the Easter bunny for church a year or two.  She let me host slumber parties for my birthday, that grew in size every year.  She taught us to cook, she tried to teach us to sew, and she baked the best chocolate brownies ever. (My mouth is watering now thinking about them). Christmas was always amazing – from the cookies, to the decorations, to the gifts.  She went above and beyond.

Now she is a fantastic grammy.  She will drop everything to come and stay with her grandbabies if they need her.  She moved in with us for two months when I went back to work after my maternity leave, so I didn’t have to find a sitter for WeeMan until the following school year.  When she comes to visit she pitches in where ever she can and often that means she’s on the floor playing with WeeMan inciting him to deep belly laughs.  She continues to go above and beyond for her grandbabies and her kids.  (In fact she’s going to help sew superhero capes for all of weeman’s birthday friends in December)  

Tonight I’m saying thank you for my beautiful, generous, loving mom!


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