Day 9 and 10 – Thankfulness Challenge

Life is getting back to normal.  I can see the top of the valley.  Plus there’s the added bonus that tomorrow is Friday.

Day 9 – I am thankful for new friends who have become sister friends.  I continue to be amazed the way our friendships change over time.  People you thought would be there for you when you are old and gray disappear.  But God knows we need those relationships – and He understands that at different times in our lives we need different relationships.  So whenever one of those friendships slides into the shadows He seems to have another one – one that will fill a different place in your heart ready and waiting.

  In the past year I have been blessed to become friends with this beautiful lady.  She is the kind of person who goes out of her way for you when you are hurting, who you can have a dead serious conversation with one minute, and the next minute will have you laughing so hard tears are rolling down your cheeks.  Our friendship was really cemented the weekend this picture was taken.  We were fortunate enough to be able to leave hubbies and kiddos at home and get away for a girls weekend to Louisville to see Beth Moore.  I don’t think I’ve talked or laughed so much in a long time.  So I thank God for bringing such a blessing into my life.

Day 10 – I am thankful for new adventures.  I have become a Tastefully Simple consultant.  I didn’t want to tutor again this year after school.  I wanted something different and unschool related.  I have recently hosted two Tastefully Simple parties and saw how well the product sold in my school and how easy and yummy everything is and decided after talking to hubby that it was worth a shot.  Today was a big day for my new venture.  I set up my website and I booked my first party/ open house.  If you are interested in trying any of the products ( I LOVE the beer bread and the roasted onion warm dip and the cheeseballs and the… well just about everything.) stop by new site and feel free to place an order.


4 thoughts on “Day 9 and 10 – Thankfulness Challenge

  1. Congratulations on the new venture. I'll stop by and check it out. I love what you said about friendships sliding into the shadows. So true. I have very few friends that have been there all along, but a lot of people that have been there for just a few years each and then we move on.

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