Thankfulness Days 10 – 14

Oh man I am such a slacker!  Here’s some more pieces of my list – sorry for the abbreviated form and the abruptness.

* I am thankful for a day of training, that gives me a break from the usualness of the day to day.  That day also gave me a chance to eat lunch with friends and co-workers and spend time laughing and breathing.
* I am thankful for a surprise glimpse of a former boy student, now a grown man.  I am thankful that he remembered me and recognized me and spoke to me, and I am thankful for the reminder that I do touch their lives.  That when they are grown and gone they will remember something I taught them.  I am thankful for the hope I saw when he shared that he was in college – that some of them do make it out.
* I am thankful for diet Dr Pepper and a night spent crafting and giggling and eating and watching chick flicks with a dear friend.  I am thankful that hubby is okay with that and that WeeMan and E had a great time playing while mommies visited.
* I am thankful for Weight Watchers and the motivation it provides.  (Only 1 more pound to go and I’ll be at another milestone!)
* I am thankful for my baby brother spending the day with us on Saturday and playing with WeeMan until he was worn out and tired to the bone.
* I am thankful for a hubby that spent shutdown working hard on projects around the house and bringing me lunch occasionally at work.  I really LOVE that man.


4 thoughts on “Thankfulness Days 10 – 14

  1. Wow – you've done some updating on your blog since I was here last. I really like it! Nice job!Glad you're still plugging away on the Thankfulness Challenge. Thankfully you have more good days than bad. You're blessed beyond measure – and I know you know that. Congrats on meeting another WW goal! Losing weight is so hard – my hat's off to you!! :)Happy Thanksgiving!- Leah

  2. Visiting from Leah's Giving Thanks Challenge…What a great list! Giving Thanks has helped me over a few rough times. I hope that it has helped you as well even if you didn't do it "perfectly." Imperfectly still works! All the best to you as you navigate uncharted waters and I hope that you will believe that roses will bloom again. A blessed Christmas season to you and your family.

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