On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend we took WeeMan to see Santa.  Yes we choose to do Santa, but we try to keep the focus on Jesus.  I would like to find a book for kids about the legend of Saint Nicholas to help him understand who Santa was.  Some of the things we do to keep Christmas from being all about the gifts and Santa are:
*We have the Jim Shore figurine called “The Real Meaning of Christmas” that has Santa kneeling before the Christ child and praying.  We keep it in a prominent place right by the Christmas tree where WeeMan can see it and we talk about it often.
*Another thing we do to try to enjoy Santa without allowing him to overpower Christmas is WeeMan gets one Santa gift and his stocking.  Then he gets three gifts from us and we talk about how the Wise Men brought baby Jesus three gifts.
* One of our favorite Christmas books to read is called “This is the Star” by Joyce Dunbar.  It’s the Christmas story told in a pattern similar to “The House that Jack Built”.  It also has beautiful illustrations.

If anybody has any other suggestions that will allow us to keep the true reason for Christmas in the forefront and still allow us to enjoy the traditions like Santa I’d love to hear them.

I’ll just wrap up by sharing our Santa picture with you.  WeeMan had no fear.  In fact he sat and chatted with Santa like he was an old friend.  So sweet to watch… he wasn’t even spending the whole time telling him things he wanted.  Instead they talked about reindeer and elves and snow.  I love the way my WeeMan’s mind works.  He amazes me every day!


3 thoughts on “Santa

  1. There is a Veggie Tales movie about the history of St. Nicholas, it's pretty cute. We don't "do" Santa (whatever that means) but we don't NOT talk about him. Actually, Q is REALLY fascinated by him this year, I think Hubby's Mom has been talking to him about it or something. We're trying to teach him the difference, not so sure he's catching on yet. He's just really intrigued by Christmas in general. I'll have to check out some of the books you mentioned!

  2. We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus between the Santa gift/stocking and the 3 gifts from us. I have even heard some people say they do a birthday cake. We also have an advent/countdown to Christmas calendar that has a verse in it when you open the doors for each of the days, but I don't remember where we got it.

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