Trying to catch up!

As usual December arrives and I am feeling swamped.  But I’m trying to move forward a bit at a time and not get so swamped that I’m miserable.  I’m trying to keep the attitude that I’ll do what I can and the rest – well it won’t matter.

Today I managed to get most of our family’s gifts wrapped.  Now all I have left to wrap are the gifts for WeeMan and Hubby.  (and of course the things I haven’t gotten yet!)

In the past week we’ve had our first snow and it was a doozy – 4.5 inches.  We also made a rushed trip down south for my great aunt’s funeral. (She had Parkinsons and we had known she was in end stages.  Couldn’t swallow on her own anymore and had a living will – so refused iv’s)  Tonight we also had an impromptu photo session – trying to get some pics of WeeMan for our Christmas cards!

So here’s a photo record of the last few days.


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