I just don’t know where my words have gone.  I’m struggling to find anything to write about.  Is it lack of motivation or is my life just so boring?

I’m counting the days until Christmas break at work… I think the kids stopped counting and just started having break last week.  It’s been crazy.  Full moon crazy at school.  I know that they’re wound up about Christmas and excited… but seriously it’s exhausting to be constantly breaking up fights and begging for quiet.  The bad news is our last day isn’t until the 22nd.  Do you remember when Christmas break started a week before Christmas and you got at least two full weeks off?  I do – but that was back in the day when 180 was not the magic number that would fix all the problems in the education system.  Is it bad that I dream of snow days?  Some nights I’m worse than a kid… staring out the window and begging for a snowstorm.

Christmas is sneaking up on me too.  I’m afraid it’s going to find me unprepared.  (I wouldn’t be so unprepared if I didn’t have to go to school until the 22nd!) I have wrapped some of the gifts and the tree is up and the house is decorated.  I haven’t even thought about starting baking yet though.  I’ve got all these beautiful, yummy things pinned… and I suspect they’re going to stay right there on my board.  Maybe this weekend I’ll find some motivation… maybe the buckeye bark I pinned will motivate me.  I know I’ve got to get groceries and finish up my shopping.  (I’m so close to being done.  Just need a couple more things for hubby)  At least we get to stay in town all weekend – so maybe I can get some things done.


4 thoughts on “Life

  1. I understand. I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet – and there are no goodies in my pantry. I can't seem to get off the couch with my mug of hot tea and the Christmas carols playing. Maybe that will motivate me in time…{{{hugs!}}}

  2. My son's last day is the 21st. And nuttier yet is school gets out for the year on May 31st. I don't remember them ever getting out before June. I'm going to go check out your pins, because I need a dessert for my family party this weekend (which I am not even close to being prepared for).

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