A New Year

Welcome 2012. I have a lot of hope for you. Hope that your going to be kinder to our family than 2011.  2011 was a rough one. Oh don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t have missed 2011.  2011 made our family stronger – lessons were learned in 2011. Our faith was tested and I’ll be honest I think there for awhile I was failing the test.  Parts of us were broken in 2011 and then we were put back together in new and stronger ways.  But 2012 I’m holding on to you with hope. I don’t know what you have in store for us – and I’m not real sure what paths our family will travel during you… but I’m not  giving up my hope.

Things I’m going to work on this year (aka my resolutions)
1. I’ll keep working on my weight and getting healthier.  We’d be thrilled if that healthierness led to a miracle baby… but I’m not just doing this for that reason – somewhere along the way I started doing this for me and for WeeMan. I’ve got another 50 pounds to go to get to my goal weight – which is a weight I haven’t seen since junior high school.
2. I’ll continue to work on getting organized and along with that comes the added bonus of saving us some money – which will hopefully lead to getting out of debt.
3. I’m going to work on my faith walk too. I’m happy to say 2011 has helped my hubby in his faith too. So I hope that we continue to grow and pray together.
4. Recycling – in spite of the fact that our town makes it difficult to be ecofriendly and recycle – we’re going to start.
5. Friday family nights were started in December – they are going to continue.
6. Our next step – we are starting to talk seriously about adopting through the foster care system – we will be moving forward with investigating the steps and our options in 2012.

SO there you have it – they’re not new goals and they are certainly not world altering ones – but they’re life altering ones for our family.  Ready or not 2012 here we come.

Thank you Pinterest! our New Year’s eve tree ended up being a great transition for WeeMan

WeeMan and his “girlfriend” welcomed in the New Year and made it to midnite

Happy New Year from our family to yours!


2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. You went through a lot in 2011, for sure! Praying for great things in 2012, that will restore all that was lost before. Our God is abundant in His mercies and goodness! Great pictures, you guys make one handsome family!

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