First Crafts of the year

It’s a new year and I’ve been busy pinning wreaths – wanting to find something new and different from my same old standby wreaths.  Today after all my pinning the craft bug hit. Only problem – it’s snowy and I didn’t feel like leaving my snug home to buy supplies – so I decided to work with what I had on hand. 
First of all I had this old feed sack I bought with a stack of old linens at a barn sale this summer. I think I paid 50 cents for it – you can tell it was all faded and stained – but it called my name.  Just didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with it when I bought it.

Down to the basement I went in search of an old wreath to tear apart – a few strands of fake fall leaves later – this is what I was left with. I’d have rather worked with a foam form – but again – who wants to go out in the snow to the store. Not me! “Make it work!” as Tim Gunn would say.

Okay – step 2 tear that feed sack into strips.  I know I know I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that route – but I wasn’t using it for anything else – because of the stains. Bonus it was worn so thin it tore beautifully.

Step three wrap the wreath form with the strips of feed sack.  Yep this is the dangerous step – I hot glued the ends in the back everytime I started a new strip. I even liked the frayed edges as I wrapped.  I ended up wrapping over it twice.  The first time around I was careful to use the blank white strips. Then the second time I tried to use strips that had that gorgeous gray blue faded writing on it.  Loved the color!

Here’s the wreath form after two times around.  Yes – I know the shape is kind of wonky – but I guess that’s what you get from a Dollar Tree wreath form that’s been stored in the basement. I love the look of the print wrapped around the circle. But it definitely needed something else. So here’s where I was bad and didn’t take pictures – step 4 pull out your scrap basket and make some flowers out of your fabric scraps – use that glue gun again and try not to burn your fingers too much!  

As you can see I chose some red scaps – maybe I won’t do anything different with it until after Valentine’s Day – we’ll have to wait and see. Whatever I decide I pinned the flowers on with straight pins so I can change them out later.  I love the simpleness of it and the colors are perfect on my porch.

Okay so here’s my final quick craft for the day.  Take an old picture from a garage sale that you don’t really love, but you love the frame on. Tape off the frame. Paint over the picture with chalkboard paint. Write your house numbers on it with chalk and voila a cute new sign to hang on your porch for free! 
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5 thoughts on “First Crafts of the year

  1. I can tell you are a teacher! So resourceful. Didja get a lot of snow? We got a lot and it was very slick out. Our neighbor lost his truck and trailer in our yard and I guess Indy was a mess. xo, Cheryl

  2. I wish I could find some old grain sacks, seems like everyone in Chicago got to them before I did. I think the wreath looks really pretty, and the address picture is great. Do you have a covered porch? I don't so worry it wouldn't last. Where in Indiana do you live? I'm your neighbor in IL. Thanks so much for sharing over at Sunday's Best.

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