One more birthday gift

As you all know last week my WeeMan turned 3. Ugh! Time is passing way too fast… but anyway on to the story.  Lately he’s been breaking my heart everytime the ASPCA commercials come on.  You know the ones with Sarah Maclachlan and all the sad eyed dogs and cats.  I know as if the commercials aren’t heartbreaking enough on their own.  Imagine WeeMan standing in front of the television saying “Mama the puppies/ kitties are sad. They’re crying mama. They’re in jail mama. They need homes mama. We need to love them mama.” Yeah – heartwrenching. Then I saw on our local Facebook garage sale page that someone had kittens that he needed to place stat. Hmmm are you following me here.

Only one obstacle stood between me and one of those kittens between me and making my WeeMan uber happy.  That obstacle was my darling hubby.  We were a 1 cat family. We used to be a 2 cat family, but the year before WeeMan joined us – in fact while I was pregnant with WeeMan my beloved Isis had to be put down.  Her kidneys had begun to fail and while I loved her dearly I didn’t want her to suffer but the idea of dialysis for the rest of her days was not a place I was willing to go.  After we lost her hubby and I had agreed we were a 1 cat, 1 dog family…. but not really.  I missed having cats playing, and I’m pretty sure Larry missed her too (Larry is my 8 year old cat- the former baby – he was younger than Isis) of course Larry will not admit to being lonely! But anyways I mentioned the kittens to hubby and I showed him the pictures of the kittens and he didn’t say no – but he didn’t say yes either.  Then two nights ago while we were watching television with WeeMan one of the commercials came on.  The next thing I knew hubby was agreeing that yep we should rescue one of those kittens. So tonight we did.  The kitten we brought home was going by the name Sylvester at his former home. You’ll see why when I show you the picture.  WeeMan can’t say Sylvester – so he was briefly called “bester” which somehow changed to Lester and well I think Lester is sticking. Just seems to go with Larry don’t you think.

WeeMan and Lester

A Sneak Peak of what I’m working on for Saturday – can you guess what kind of birthday party WeeMan is having?

5 thoughts on “One more birthday gift

  1. Good for you! We did the same kinda "convincing" of my husband when Grace was 5. We found some cats at a garage sale for free…and with a little bit of crying to dad, Grace brought one home. She's still with us…Oreo…and everyone but Brent loves her. I love cats. Way to go!

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