Super 3rd Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated WeeMan’s third birthday. (only a week after the date!) But I think he liked having it stretched out.

The day got off to a rocky start – we had no water in the morning due to a leaky spigot outside and a oops moment when hubby tried to change it.  There was the fear that I was going to have to crawl into the crawl space…. um there’s creepy crawlies in there and it’s dark. No thank you! and also the threat that a plumber was going to have to be called on a SATURDAY! Can we say ouch!  But Hubby and his cousin were able to save the day and solve the problem. At least for now. (A plumber lurks in our future… but at least it’s not immediate future.)

WeeMan of course wanted a Superhero birthday. Complete with a Larry Boy cake.  I planned to dress him up like a Superhero – so we visited Walmart.  A costume was created with boys navy blue long underwear, red underwear, yellow duct tape, his yellow rain boots, and the cape I had bought off Etsy last summer.   Very spur of the moment we ended up calling his friends and asking them to dress up too. (one of my friends suggested it – and having them all dressed up totally made the party!) My mom made all the capes for them. (That was not spur of the moment – we bought the supplies for those on Black Friday weekend for a good price.)  So I know you’re dying to see pictures.  Here you go!

Long underwear, duct tape, rainboots, red briefs, and a superhero cape equals Super WeeMan

Super WeeMan and his Cousin – she had to have a duct tape belt too – the stars were foam glitter stars from Walmart

Super Hello Kitty Girl aka WeeMan’s girlfriend

LarryBoy cake made by a friend from church – isn’t it amazing!

Instead of ice cream we had fresh fruit salad in waffle bowls – big hit for the kids and adults. 

Impromptu Dancing party in front of the photo backdrop (aka white sheet and balloons)

Super Cousins

Can we eat the cake yet?

More dancing – the games I had planned to put together didn’t get done since I was busying panicking about the lack of running water and bathrooms (ummmm preschoolers without bathrooms equals bad idea!)

Love the capes from the back. Wish we had all of them! 

Yep WeeMan was the only boy there! There must have been something in the water the year he was born b/c most the of the kiddos we know his age are girls. Doesn’t bother him though!
So that’s how you put together a Superhero birthday party! I don’t know what I’ll do next year… I don’t think there’s anyway to top this one. 
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5 thoughts on “Super 3rd Birthday Party

  1. Hi there!It's so nice to meet you, your son and his costume is adorable! I need t pin that for a halloween costume idea! how cute that he's the only boy, there was the opposite in the water in our town when my daughter was born :)looking forward to getting to know you!Jenny

  2. So cute! What a great idea of a costume – and what three year old isn't excited to wear their undies on the outside of their clothes! 😉 Fruit salad in waffle cones – total win! Oh – and totally with you on the creepy crawl thing – no way.

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