Midwinter Blahs

I know I’ve been MIA for several days.  Of course I haven’t been the best blogger here lately anyways.  I’m not sure why really.  I guess a whole passel of reasons.  The biggest being life is just kind of blah right now.  Nothing exciting to share.  Things are just gloomy and glum and the same old thing.

We are staying busy, not with anything exciting… just the normal day to day of life.  Little things to do constantly and to top it all off I have a sick hubby (I love him dearly… but why is it when he gets sick it is always the end of the world?)  and a grumpy 3 year old.  (Yep we breezed through the terrible twos with not much terrible.  Turns out he was saving the terrible to go with the horrible monstrous threes)

I’m starting to prep my classroom and my mind for some changes at work next year. I’m pretty sure I won’t be n fourth grade teacher next year… and I’m okay with that.  There’s just a LOT of work that goes into moving classrooms.

I did find some time to make a Valentine’s gift for my hubby.  I’ll post about that tomorrow – after he sees it.  And I even sqeezed in time to bake some cookies for WeeMan to take to the sitter’s house tomorrow.  He helped decorate them… good thing the kiddos all like sprinkles… lots of lots of sprinkles.

I’m trudging along with my weight.  I am working to get back to keeping track of my points and I’m dusting off my elliptical…. hopefully one of those things will help me get going again.

I’m cutting this short and wrappng up b/c my eyes are drifting closed even as I type.


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