Bits and Pieces

I know I haven’t been around to blog lately.  I’ve been out there stalking all my blog friends and reading what’s going on in their lives.  Just haven’t had much to say about my life.  Takes energy I don’t seem to have.  I’m trying to push through this week.  That’s my goal for the week.  I’m going to get my booty back in the blog world.  I’ve had a chunk of stuff going on and wearing on my mind the past few days, but it’s not things I’m able to write about on here and that’s tearing me up a little bit.  Writing is my release and my brain clearer.  It’s the way I work through things that are bothering me… but I’m working through it.  Just taking me longer than normal.  I’ve decided I’m going to talk to my small group about everything on Wednesday.  I think that will help some.  I hope.

Okay so the things I can talk about….
* Another 1.2 pounds down this week.  That puts me at 37.6 pounds total.  It’s been slow… but I’m over halfway to my goal and I’m only 2.4 pounds from 40 which I’m considering another milestone.  I know that the big thing keeping me slow is my slug like tendencies.  I’m just not a fan of exercise… in fact I would say that exercise is my archnemesis.  Sigh! I’ve decided I’m going to do my best to knock this 2.4 out of the park this week.  Even if I have to get on the elliptical.  Blegh.  (Spring I’m waiting for you! Ready to walk outside again.)

*It has been great to be able to wear a size 14 again.  I haven’t worn a 14 since before our wedding.  Unfortunately I gave a big tub of all those clothes to Goodwill last winter.  I had decided I was never going to see that size again.  On the bright side I can buy new to me things for spring.  Just last week I had some luck at Goodwill – 2 pairs of springy cargo pants (Gap and Ann Taylor), 6 shirts, 4 cute skirts (Gap and Old Navy), 1 pair of denim capris, and a nice pair of jeans for around $50.  ( Plus I had a jacket for WeeMan and a pair of jeans for hubby) Love me some Goodwill!

*Speaking of bargain shopping I found some goodies for WeeMan at Penney’s on Friday.  They were having a huge sale on all their winter clearance clothes.  I got him a snowsuit and coat for next year, 10 long sleeved t-shirts, some sweats, a shark mini pillow pet, and a pair of shoes for mommy for $40.  Not bad at all.

* I’ve been doing really good at meal planning lately.  I joined a menu planning/ recipe website called Food on the Table for free – saw they were running a special code on another blog.  Unfortunately it’s expired or I send you all the link to the blog.  It’s been really nice.  The recipes are easy and friendly, you can set it to low fat or vegetarian or budget or kid friendly etc… Then they give you a list of recipes for the week that are based on the sales at your local store of choice.  If you don’t like all the recipes they suggest for the week you can also search their database.  Once you have your week planned you print off a grocery list and recipes.  Tonight we had beef enchiladas – and they were good. I’ve not had much luck making them tasty before – but hubby even liked these.  I think the regular price of the site is $5 a month, but I believe they offer free meal planning with limited recipes.

* I’m starting to work on a couple of house projects.  I think we’re going to get a remnant and redo the floor in WeeMan’s bathroom and I think it’s time to redecorate his bathroom.  I’m thinking something kind  of naturalist with bugs and things.  I’m also starting to put together ideas for his bedroom.  We’re going to be upgrading him to a twin bed later this spring  ( right now he’s in a fire truck toddler bed) and thought the transition might be easier if we redid his whole room.  We’re planning to do a Superhero room for him.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas pinned.  My big project is finding old superhero t-shirts b/c I want to make him a t-shirt quilt for his comforter.  I want to do something like this. Hopefully I can find enough shirts.  I’m thinking of putting a call out to my facebook friends in the hopes that they have some their hubbies or little boys have outgrown.  The other big part is the bed.  We’re wanting to do a loft bed I think so he has room to play underneath.  That will be hubby’s part of the project.

* Work is work.  I am praying that next year I’m back in the classroom.  I actually requested that the principal move me to third grade.  I think life would be less stressful and more stable down there.  He hasn’t officially said yes, but he’s led me to believe that is his plan.  I’m starting to plan a few things about my classroom in the hopes that it will be third grade… of course I won’t know for  definite until closer to May.  (Patience is still not my strong suit.)

So there you have it my life in a nutshell.


3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. I agree with everything you said. It just seems these gray, rainy days don't make anyone feel like blogging or reading others, or meal planning, or etc. I feel the same way. We're off today because of ice and heavy fog. I can't believe we closed, but we've got the days built in, so let's use them. Hope you start feeling better!

  2. I had a period in the fall and around Christmas where I didn't even know if I was going to keep blogging at all. I think I just got burned out, but over the last few weeks I'm finding it fun again. I think sometimes you just have to write through the blah times. Good luck with getting 3rd grade next year, I know you haven't been really happy with what you are doing right now.

  3. Mama, I am so proud of you! You are smaller than I am, now! I so want to lose but it is hard. I do better at exercise, but worse at diet. And I can take it off (I've done it twice, but KEEPING it off is another thing!)Keep going, you are doing great! xo, Cheryl

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