Packing the winter blues away

I’m done with winter.  I spent the day packing away the inside winter decorations and pulling out a few of my springy touches.  I’m dreaming of green – want to get to our Dollar Tree and find all the green I can.  I’m even thinking about taking our heavy winter curtains down on Saturday while hubby is at work and putting back up my springy bright table cloth curtains.  (I’ll do it while hubby is at work, b/c he’ll say it’s too early – we use real heavy curtains in the winter to insulate the windows) I need to see the sun, even if it means I’m curled up under blankets to stay warm on the couch.

I spent time today searching for printables to put in my frames to welcome spring… but now I’m thinking I need to paint all my frames something bright and cheery before filling them.  Just not sure what color yet.

I also got a mini garage sale fix today.  We have this awesome Facebook page here in town called Huntington, Want it, Buy it, Sell it.  I am hooked.  I’ve had some good luck selling clothes that are too big for me that I hope never to wear again and a few purses too.  I’ve also found some great goodies – Star Wars boxed set the new ones and the old ones on dvd for hubby for $10, cute new flip flops for me with the tags still on $3, a few tops, and some other odds and ends, including the BEST salsa in the world made in a ladies kitchen here in town.  (It’s seriously addictive) We go through a quart a week.  Yum! Today I got WeeMan some serious bargains I met a lady and sorted through her 3t clothes.  I ended up with a grocery bag full – 4 pairs of jeans, a couple pairs of sweats, 2 pairs of khakis, a pair of camo pants, and a Save Ferris (Hello Ferris Bueller!!) t-shirt for a grand total of $10.  Everything is in almost new condition, and everything is brand name – Gap, Old Navy, Carters.  Can’t beat that – especially since it seems that little boy clothes is not as easy to come by at garage sales.  It was nice to find things that you know are clean – they still smelled of fabric softener and detergent.  No need to rush home and wash everything.

I’m ready for spring.  I want to roam through garage sales (turns out WeeMan is in dire need of summer stuff in 3T – I only have 4T). I want to start cleaning up our yard and planning my flower beds and garden.  I’m ready to be outside.  Of course that being said- they’re calling for snow tonight. (Grrrr!)


3 thoughts on “Packing the winter blues away

  1. Spring cannot come soon enough for me either. So glad to hear that your diet has been successful. It's always fun to get rid of clothes that are too large!

  2. I hear you, Mama! I had a snow background on my blog and I just changed it today to a textured green. I am chomping for green and found the cutest kelly green trench at Old Navy that fit just great and was $39.99. And I found a cute print cloth bag at Vintage Vogue for something like $2. I will probably blog it. I am waiting until March 1 (WEDNESAY!) to wear/carry. xo, Cheryl (PS and I have spring fever cause I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom, yesterday!)

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