Wonderful Weekend

We just wrapped up a fantastic weekend. So I thought I’d give you a rundown on it and some other randomness in my life right now.

*Friday night was another Livingston family movie night. We rented “Dolphin Tale” and “Puss in Boots” from the Redbox. WeeMan got to pick the movie for viewing that night and he was all about the dolphin. I was afraid he wouldn’t stay focused on it since there is a lot more to the story than just the dolphin, but he surprised me. He was really into the movie and became very upset when the disc quit playing about halfway through. (Mommy and daddy were too) It was bedtime for him by that point so we tucked him in and I sent an email to Redbox. Later that night I got an email back with codes for two free rentals. Definitely pays to report a problem to them.

*Saturday Steve had to work again. Poor guy! He’s worked the last 3 Saturday’s in a row and they have him scheduled for the next two also. WeeMan and I ventured out to the library. He ended up with 4 books about whales, dolphins, and sharks and a dvd copy of the IMAX “Into the Sea” movie. Then we headed up to Goodwill where I found him some summer things and myself a couple of tops. Even found some khaki’s for hubby. By the time Steve got home we all were pooped and both my boys took a nap while I cleaned house. Then we went to Applebees for Steve’s early birthday dinner followed by watching “Puss in Boots” when we got home.

* Sunday we made it to breakfast at our favorite little diner and then church. Church was actually uplifting for a change. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to our church and actually felt like I heard from God. We just started a new series. The whole church will be reading the book “The Circle maker” by Mark Batterson http://www.amazon.com/Circle-Maker-Praying-Circles-Greatest/dp/0310333024/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1330359707&sr=1-1 The book is about prayer. Something that I had kind of given up on after the miscarriage. I know I had felt betrayed and let down and gradually it became easier and easier to just stop praying… after all God didn’t seem to hear my prayers before. After listening to Mike on Sunday I’m beginning to feel hopeful again. It also helped that our worship songs both hit me hard (again it’s been a long time since I’ve even enjoyed the songs during worship – they just haven’t spoken to me like they used to. ) But Sunday our first worship song was “My Hope is in You” – which I had taken up as my anthem at the beginning of the year. I just love the words and the meaning.


The final song we sang was “Jesus Messiah” and these words just shouted my name
Jesus Messiah

Name above all names

Blessed Redeemer


The rescue for sinners

The ransom from Heaven

Jesus Messiah

Lord of all

All our hope is in You

All our hope is in You

All the glory to You, God

The light of the world
After church we came home and worked on cleaning up the yard and trimming our three tears. As I worked I just kept hearing and singing those choruses. It was a wonderful heart healing day. I even managed to convince hubby we needed to go on a walk as a family yesterday evening. I’m hopeful that this will be a trend I can continue with him. He needs the exercise to work on his weight too. We wrapped up the night with pork steak on the grill and finished watching the new copy I rented of “Dolphin Tale”.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekend

  1. OH that is one of my favorite songs. I hear you I've been so feeling his hand on me these last few Sundays knowing I'm there for the right message!I was wondering the same thing about that movie about the Dolphin. I will have to try it with the boys!Sounds like a great weekend besides Steve having to work.P.S. I bought it in the bulk section at my super market. Do you have a health food store in town? If not I bet the health isle in your supermarket has it. If need you can substitute it with Steel-cut Oats or Quinoa or buckwheat groats. 🙂

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