Long Week Ahead

It’s ISTEP week here in Indiana.  We will spend the next five days giving round 1 of the state test.  It’s going to be a LONG week for many of our students and teachers.  Lots of stress for both groups.  I will be taking a very small group of fourth graders all week that have special needs.  Wish me and them luck.  I have a feeling we’re going to need it.

Also coming up this week I will be making a trip down home on Wednesday.  My dad’s last aunt passed away Friday afternoon.  I honestly think she was just hanging on to be the last of the three sisters to go.  (If you knew her personality – you’d probably agree.) There will be no visitation.  She was adamant that she just wanted a graveside service.  David and I will make the trip down to the cemetary for the service Wednesday morning.  We should be back in time for small group Wednesday night. 

We are hard at work praying circles around our infertility. We are specifically praying for healing for our infertility and for God to bless us with more babies. That’s a big leap of trust prayer for me. Having the faith to ask straight up for healing and not for God to guide us to more children in whatever way. I don’t think I’ve ever specifically prayed for healing. Thursday night was a rough night – an exhausting night. Deciding to pray for healing – to open myself up to the possibility of being hurt – feeling disappointed by God – for some reason this is a biggie for me. I cried and hubby and I talked and we prayed. I kept saying but…. then I went to tuck WeeMan in bed for the night and his devotion from his “God’s Warrior” book was about Sarai and Abram and I said “God you have to be kidding me.” Then I went to put the car away and I looked up at the sky as I walked into the house and there around the moon was a giant circle.

Picture found on Google images courtesy of DragonFly Garden blog
(I didn’t take this picture – I tried to take one but I couldn’t get the circle to show in my pictures.)
Of course I hurried into the house and demanded hubby come out into the cold and look.  He looked at the circle and he looked at me and then he said.  “I guess you have your answer.”
So I’m trying to let God do big things in my life as far as healing.  Who knew praying for a miracle would feel so hard?
I’m going to start counting my joys again too.
1. Clear signs for a doubter
2. Bedtime devotions with WeeMan
3. Church family raising up our prayers
4. End to suffering for Aunt Ada
5. A boss that helps problem solve
6. Birthday time with daddy

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