Wowza Weekend

What a fantastic weekend! The weather has been glorious and I’ve been a busy happy girl.  Here’s a rundown of the weekend

Projects galore!

First up our kitchen cabinets.  I had removed the doors several months ago and lined the back with scrapbook paper.  Better – but not good enough.  You can see I had issues lining things up and cutting the paper correctly.

With a little tablecloth fabric from the Target Clearance section last year ( I thought it was going to be curtains) and some cardboard I made backing to fit each open cabinet – there are three of them

Here’s the finished result in one of the cabinets.  Much better and I love the way the aqua pops with our brown walls and some yellow accents.

Project 2 – a new not a wreath from our front door.  

The supplies were cardboard, yarn, ribbon, and some hair clips.  All I had to buy was the yarn.  Everything else was on hand.

Love my finished result – very bright and springy – but can I just tell you that L was a pain in the booty to wrap evenly.

 Final project – a gallery wall in our den – my brother bought me the vinyl quote for my birthday it says “Family where life begins Love never ends”  I had all the pictures and frames scattered throughout our living room.  I picked up the L at Hobby Lobby for half off $9.99.  Hung everything with 3M velcro tabs.  (love those things)

This weekend also featured a trip to Clothes Mentor – a consignment store for adults. Daddy kept WeeMan at home so I was able to try things on.  (Love that man!) $100 later I have a smaller wardrobe for spring and summer – 5 pairs of capris, 1 skirt, 3 blouses, 2 pairs of jeans, and 3 pairs of sandals.  Several of the items are from AnnTaylor the Loft or Gap.  I love that I can buy clothes from stores like that now.  I especially love that I found them used and super cheap!
I made money this weekend too.  I listed a bunch of WeeMan’s summer clothes from last year on our garage sale facebook page Friday night.  I’ve already sold over $150 worth.  With another $50 pending tomorrow.  I’ll be using the money from this next weekend when I go to the huge children’s resale up in Wakarusa to outfit WeeMan for this summer.  
Finally, we even worked in a date night.  Of course date night ended at the grocery store… but I guess that’s a sign we’re getting old.


2 thoughts on “Wowza Weekend

  1. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL weekend! Love the aqua behind your dishes, that looks awesome. And WOOHOO for consignment shops! I wish I could find a good one for adult clothing, but haven't yet. However, I try to hit up the kids consignment shop frequently and I always find some awesome deals.

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