Spring Break 2012 Edition – Day 1 & Day 2

Spring break has finally arrived.  We kicked it off by celebrating Easter with my family on Palm Sunday.  My mom is taking off for Mississippi on Wednesday morning and my sister does Easter with her hubby’s fam on Easter – so Palm Sunday works, plus it makes things a little more enjoyable b/c no one has to rush off to be somewhere else.  I’ve decorated the post with some of our pictures from Sunday.  WeeMan is dressed in his Easter tie ( and let me just say it took a lot of persuading to convince him to leave it on!) The little girl is my sweet little niece she’s just a couple of months older than WeeMan.  Such fun to watch them play together.
So Day 1 of Spring Break – I hopped on the scale.  I’ve been avoiding it while I fought a bout of bronchitis.  Who wants to worry about weight when they’re sick! Hmmm probably not the best choice – bc I was less than pleased.  So…. I’ve decided to seriously kick some weight loss booty this week.  As long as it’s nice I’ll be footing it everywhere within walking distance.  Monday I managed to get some time on the elliptical in the morning before WeeMan rolled out of bed.  Then we pulled out the red wagon and trekked to the library for books.  When we got home we mowed the yard – well I mowed and WeeMan supervised and pointed out the missed piles of dog poo.  (So helpful!) Lunch was a ginormous salad for mommy.  Then when hubby got home we pulled the wagon over to the park for some kite flying.  That’s three decent workouts in one day.  Woo Hoo!

Day 2 I stuck to the walking plan.  WeeMan and I headed out early with the red wagon again.  I had a hair appointment at 9:30.  That’s a 2 mile trek partly uphill pulling a 30 pound WeeMan in his red wagon.  Definitely not too shabby.  After my trim we walked home a slightly longer way so that we could stop and play in the park with my other niece A.  WeeMan had a blast and mommy felt like I accomplished something.  Of course halfway home I was fantasizing about a lunch of Big Macs and Fries, but I was once again a good girl and feasted on another salad.  When hubby got home we worked in another short walk to the local coffee shop where hubby had a frou frou iced coffee drink and mommy had a coffee with a little creamer and some splenda.  Look at me being such a good girl.  Hopefully it pays off.  

I think with the price of gas we’ll be getting a lot of use out of the red wagon this summer.  But hey on the bright side maybe by the end of summer I’ll have arms a little closer to Madonna’s and a little less flappy.  It bothers me that when I look in the mirror I don’t see the huge difference that other people see when they look at me.  I see it when it’s someone else, but why don’t I see it in myself.  Honestly I don’t see the difference in pictures yet either.  At least not unless they’re side by side.  I know it’s there, my clothes tells me it’s there.  I just don’t see it.

We’re staying local this spring break.  Our only out of town plans involve going to see my granma on Friday with my sister and niece.  She lives about an hour from each of us.  Hopefully we can take the kiddos to a park to play after our visit too.  

I’m not disappointed at staying in town.  We are renting a house on a lake in Alabama in July when we go down to visit Steve’s great aunt/ more like grandma to him.  It’s costing us a bit… but not too much more than a hotel and I think it will be worth it to not have to eat every meal out and to be able to do some things on the lake while we’re there.  She’s in a nursing home in a midsize town so there’s not much for WeeMan to do while we’re down there.  We’ll spend some time with her each day and then play on the lake.

Of course hubby is excited because it’s a two bedroom house so he might get some vacation lucky.  Men!

Anyways back to spring break – tomorrow we’ve got a picnic in the works – if the sunshine holds out.  Yep we’ll be using the red wagon to take a movie back to the library and then meet our friends at another park in town.  

When do we outgrow being happy with the simple things – like a park and a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches??  I hope not for a long time in WeeMan’s case.  

I think this is one of my most favorite family pictures -ever! Taken by my brother outside my mom’s house.

This is the crabapple tree my dad planted before hubby and I got married.  This is one of the reason’s I would struggle with moving to a different house.

Hope you’re all enjoying some beautiful spring weather and finding the blessings in every day!


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