Spring Break 2012 Edition – Day 3

Just a quickie today!

Better post with more pictures tomorrow I promise.

We walked to a park and had our picnic today.   Got some cute pics of the kiddos playing! Check back tomorrow for those.

When we got home I managed to knock out three of my pinned projects….

Vinegar on the front walk to kill the weeds so I can scrape the bricks tomorrow.  Worked well! Weeds are all shrively and look like they can’t have much fight left.

Breakfast cookies – hello yum town! Super easy (weeman helped mush the bananas!), super healthy (diet friendly) and hubby says he would like some in his lunch for his morning break.  Winner all around – I’ll post pics and the recipe soon… just in case you’re not pinning and you don’t follow moi!

Flourless chocolate chip cookies – another yummy adventure – more work – to get 2 dozen cookies I had to triple the recipe – but still delish, still healthy, and still hubby approved.

Also managed to walk back to the library today, where a very sad WeeMan exchanged his dolphin puppet “That I wuv mama” for a parrot puppet – poor baby.  Maybe I should just say no more puppets if it’s going to be this heartbreaking to turn them back in.


3 thoughts on “Spring Break 2012 Edition – Day 3

  1. Now I have to go find the cookie recipe. I need to make small batches of cookies anyhow, because my husband doesn't eat them and my son only eats a few bites, so unless I freeze them I end up eating too many of them.

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